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Why choose Kamikaze Paintball? 

Because we are the Paintball Professionals.

We specialize in Paintball. Our customers receive the very best Paintball equipment and the use of 10 Paintball maps.

We offer 2 to 4 hours of quality Paintball. From arrival to departure you are taken care of by our friendly, fully trained Referees.

Kamikaze Paintball has NZ’s best masks. Internationally approved brand new VForce Pro masks in perfect condition.

Our Paintguns are the most accurate. Fully serviced to shoot straight everytime.

We only use Tournament Grade Paintballs. Used by our Factory teams at NZ National tournaments.  It is lightweight so is more accurate, flies further and hurts a whole lot less. No other Field in NZ supplies Tourney Grade to its customers.

Refereed social paintbattles. Bring your mom, bring your girlfriend. Please don’t complain when they send you to the Zombie Zone.

Schools use Kamikaze Paintball because we have the best safety systems and fully staff-supervised games. We are proud of our 100% eye/face safety record. In 2014 we had just over 10,000 Kamikaze Players, our accident register consisted of 3 ankle/foot injuries. Impressive.

The owner of Kamikaze Paintball has managed and developed Australasia’s biggest Paintball Parks (Action’s Paintball Auckland, Heartbreak Ridge Paintball Sydney).

Make your first Paintball experience one of the best in Australasia.

What is Zombie Warfare ? 

Zombie Warfare is simply a slower, more tactical version of our WWII missions, perfect for the hotter summer season.

Each booking is split into 2 squads. Squads take turns as Human Survivors, defending their bases from the Zombie attack.

Yes,  Zombie attack squads have guns. No, they may not bite Humans :)

Our Stag Zombies have a special Walking Dead mission.

Our referees take your group through a series of up to 10 of our battlemaps.

This social format is perfect as a team-building exercise for players of all ages and abilities.

Does it hurt? 

Paintball can sting.

However we chronograph all paintguns in use to a social wargame velocity.

We only use lightweight, Tournament grade paintballs, not hard or rubbery Field Grade..

All players are issued full-length overalls, protective gloves, battlejackets to ladies and younger players.

We have refereed rules of play.

Please check our Recent Events photos in the Recon section. These are taken at the end of the Paintball Event. Our players get covered in paint, not welts and bruises.

We issue females and younger players our full length battle jackets. You will notice in the Event photos that most players have handed in their jackets at half-time after realizing that our Wargame Paintball is maximum fun.

How many players do I need for a booking? 

Weekend bookings require 4 or more players.

Weekday bookings require 8 or more players. Weekday Stag groups require 6 players or more. Contact us.

Is it safe? 

Paintball is generally very safe, however there is a risk of eye and face injury. This occurs when players lift their mask because their mask fogged or was uncomfortable.

However, at Kamikaze Paintball :

We have a safety record that is possibly the best of any outdoor activity in NZ.

We provide Adult referees for full supervision in all areas at all times.

We can manage 100 players comfortably.

There is a full safety briefing prior to play.

Any player lifting their mask requires us to return immediately to the Admin area where the matter is resolved.

RAMS and Provider Checklists are available by email.

Kamikaze Paintball has a 100% eye and face safety record.

Remember :

We are the only Paintball company in New Zealand that guarantees your mask will never fog.

At Kamikaze Paintball, your children, and all players will always have 100% Internationally Approved eye/face safety.


Payment by cash, cheque or EFTPOS on the day.

Online banking payment or invoice available to schools, social clubs and companies.

Bookings are available 7 days a week.